GrowERP is a multi company business development platform using a Flutter front-end and the Moqui open source ERP system as back-end. It can also be relatively easy adapted to other back-end systems like the Apache OFbiz system for which a proof of concept is available.

For whom?

Being an end user, GrowERP is available as a SAAS application which can help you to smoothly operate a business, or as a system integrator/programmer to provide flexible business applications to your end-users. In general the system is targeted at the mid/small size businesses and one man operations.


The system can be installed on Apple IOS and Google Android mobile phones and tablets and can be used within the various browsers.

A Hotel application build on top of the admin app is available on IOS/Android or using your browser

Download Open source

The system is open source and is available at the Github platform in a single repository.

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