What is GrowERP?

GrowERP is an easy understandable system to solve the problem of normally smaller companies starting with ERP and E-Commerce. These starters select some of the smaller ERP systems and find out after some time that either the functionality is limited or that it cannot be easily adapted to specific business requirements.

All of the components of GrowERP are open source and can be used as you desire without limitations. You can install locally or use our installation in the cloud.

GrowERP provides the minimal functions required to run the administration of a company for E-Commerce, customers, suppliers, products, orders and accounting. From a data point of view the system is completely compatible with the full backend version which you can operate without the GrowERP frontend. More about the backend at either the moqui website or just as a proof of concept at the Apache OFBiz website

Because the Flutter framework is used, GrowERP frontend can be installed on most platforms natively i.e. can compete with other applications on that platform compared to speed, interfaces and integration.

For payment processing a Stripe interface is available which can be used in the ecommerce frontend or within the Admin package when a payment is approved.

Missing extended functions from the backend system can be relatively easily added to the frontend by providing extra screens as indicated in the GrowERP name.

The system can operate in single or multiple company mode where a single instance of the system can support multiple companies which are complete separated.

The E-Commerce frontend is not using Flutter but is using the conventional html/javascript technology for speed and search engine optimization