Functional feature List.

The features currently implemented in the system are listed below. For a roadmap please check the Road Map and Releases page


  • Application available on IOS/Android phone or tablet and within the browser.(Flutter)
  • Completely open source.
  • Multi company/currency/language for SAAS installations.
  • Single company for Moqui or Apache OFBiz existing installations.

User and company management

  • Contactpersons and relation to companies
  • Employees (admin access or not)
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Product types: services, physical, rental
  • Products to be grouped in categories
  • Standard categories and website categories

Order management

  • Purchase and Sales
  • Items can be products, rental or with no productId
  • will create invoices and payments and shipments from orders


  • location management
  • in/outgoing shipments


  • invoice and payment
  • Automatic posting over configuration entities
  • Double entry ledger
  • Any ledger organization


  • sales of products with category menu
  • Deals and featured promotion
  • Including payment processing with monthly payments


  • Opportunity management

Technical feature list

The system is consisting out of three parts, the frontend built in the flutter framework, the back-end using the Moqui framework and a chat server based on Java. Build and installation instructions are the related README files.

Flutter GrowERP Front-end

Moqui Backend

cloned versions, with small modifications in the 'growerp' branch (when exist)

  • Framework:
  • Tools:
  • Services:
  • Datamodel:
  • GrowERP:
  • Website:
  • PDF: