Sales/Purchase Order management.

This function will enter orders coming in by other means than the E-Commerce website like phone, email or any social media. Incoming orders need to be checked if they are valid , have a credit card authorization and when everything ok the order needs to be approved.

When the order is approved, a shipment will be created so the inventory function will see the shipment on their outgoing shipment list.

Order entry

  1. select 'order' on the main dashboard screen.
  2. select the purchase or sales order option.
  3. Select the '+' button to get the order entry screen.
  4. Select the supplier/customer and optionally the order description.
  5. select the type of order item to add:
    1. Add product where you select a catalog product, price and quantity on the next screen
    2. Asset rental where you rent a room, location with start/end dates
    3. Another item to add any kind of item like tax etc.
    4. Update header to update order customer/ description
  6. If you have added all the order items required press the 'create order' button.
  7. The newly created order will appear at the top of the order list.

Order modification

  1. select 'order' on the main dashboard screen.
  2. At the sales order list select an existing order to modify.
  3. Please note that sales order in preparation are customers preparing their order but not yet placed/confirmed it yet. They can not be approved here.
  4. press the '↑' (arrow up) to approve the order.

approve an order

  1. select 'order' on the main dashboard screen.
  2. press the '↑' (arrow up) on the row of an existing the order.
  3. the order will be removed from the list.