Inventory management

Inventory management is a function which processes physical product items. They can be received (purchases or returns) or send out (sales).

shipment will appear in the in/out shipment list when an order is approved and the order has physical products.

Products received into the inventory are called assets and are in a certain state, (new/used etc ) as indicated in the name. They are related to a product in the catalog and stored at a specific location in the inventory.

Pick and pack outgoing sales orders

  1. select the warehouse/inventory option on the main dashboard.
  2. Approved sales orders will appear in the outgoing sales list.
  3. Accept the shipment for packing by clicking the '↑' (arrow up) button.
  4. Pack, make the product ready for shipment.
  5. when finished, confirm the packing by pressing the '↑' (arrow up) again.
  6. The shipment will be removed from the list.

Receive and check incoming purchase orders

  1. When a purchase order is approved the incoming shipment will appear on the incoming shipment list.
  2. If the order arrives check the shipment and when ok store in the inventory.
  3. confirm by clicking the '↑' (arrow up) again.

Yearly confirmation of the inventory content

At least yearly you have to check the system inventory information with the actual situation in the inventory.

This can be done in the locations option in the warehouse.