After installation of Java 11:

Moqui backend: (preferred)

OR for older version only,Apache OFBiz backend:

clone and run the WebSocket chat server(optional)

Flutter app, after installation of Flutter:

git clone
$ cd growerp/packages/core
$ flutter pub run build_runner build
$ ../admin
$ flutter run

create your first company!


Below a number of inclusions of techinal READme's expect for the admin package in various stages of development

GrowERP Flutter ERP Admin App.

This is the admin app, showing the capabilities of the growerp application.

check the readme at for more information.


GrowERP Freelancer App

Under development!

GrowERP frontend component for Android, IOS and Web using Flutter.

This freelance branch will contain an app with the following functions:

  1. Customer & supplier maintenance
  2. project and task management
  3. Time sheet entry
  4. Invoicing from timesheets.
  5. Incoming invoicing from suppliers.(outsourcing)
  6. Full acounting
  7. Freelancer website.

For the backend you need the Moqui or OFBiz ERP system (

More info at the master admin branch.

GrowERP Flutter E-Commerce/pos App

An E-Commerce application, a companion for the UserGroup.SuperAdmin application present in the master branch of this repository.

It has the standard functions of E-Commerce/pos:

Showing categories and products which can be added to a shopping cart. From this cart the order can be created.

A payment option is under development.


GrowERP utils

package to manage the GrowERP system


will create screenshots using the (old driver) integration tests for all the emulators which are defined.

  1. cd packages/admin
  2. flutter pub run utils:screenshots


will install the front/backend system and run all integration tests from the admin package

  1. clone
  2. cd growerp/packages/admin
  3. flutter pub run utils:runIntegration