GrowERP Moqui backend

This is the backend to the flutter frontend at:

For an existing installation change the following line below:

git clone >>>-b existing<<< runtime/component/growerp And in the app: change the assets/cfg/ app_settings.json: singleCompany: partyId of single company

to run the backend locally:

git clone -b growerp moqui && cd moqui
git clone runtime
git clone runtime/component/growerp
git clone -b growerp runtime/component/PopRestStore
git clone -b growerp -b growerp runtime/component/mantle-udm
git clone -b growerp runtime/component/mantle-usl
git clone runtime/component/mantle-stripe
git clone runtime/component/moqui-fop

./gradlew downloadel
./gradlew build
java -jar moqui.war load types=seed,seed-initial,install
java -jar moqui.war

In another teminal start also the chat server:

and in a separate terminal:

git clone
cd growerp/packages/admin
flutter run