Mantle Stripe Integration

forked from

Upgraded the stripe sdk and fixed several errors in the well organized component: thank you for creating it!

Up to now I tested authorization and capture, without using the customer services.

Moqui component for Stripe. Integrates with Mantle payment processing. Currently supports Auth/Capture/Release/Refund operations along with adding and removing PaymentMethods from Stripe. Interacts with the Stripe API via the Stripe java library. Adapted from the AuthorizeDotNet component

To add this component to Moqui just clone this repo into your runtime/component/ directory.

$ git clone
To use:
  1. In data/StripeDemoData.xml add the secretKey from Stripe into the <Stripe.PaymentGatewayStripe /> record


  2. Load the record along with the other configuration data found in data/

    $ ./gradlew build $ ./gradlew load

  3. You're ready to go!

Example usage:
<entity-make-value entity-name="mantle.account.payment.Payment" value-field="payment"/>
<set field="paymentId" from="payment.payementId"/>
<set field="paymentGatewayConfigId" value="StripeDemo"/>

<service-call name="Stripe.StripePaymentServices.authorize#Payment" in-map="context"/>
<service-call name="Stripe.StripePaymentServices.capture#Payment" in-map="context"/>
  1. If you want to automatically add newly created cards to Stripe set the preferenceValue in date/StripeDemoData.xml to true in this record:

    < userGroupId="ALL_USERS" preferenceKey="StripeEnabled" preferenceValue="true"/>

  2. I chose to keep the authors from AuthorizeDotNet in the AUTHORS file because a lot of the original functionality came from there.