HTML Website

The html website from the standard Moqui is used, however with major changes to make it multicompany. All changes are in the growerp branch while the master branch is a clone of the Moqui repository.

POP REST Store - eCommerce REST API and Web App

This cloned version is debugged and made suitable to use with the GrowERP administrator frontend which can be used as the administrator of the website.

The original version of the PopRestStore is still in the master branch, while the updated version is in the growerp branch, which should be used with the mentioned GrowERP system.

A big thanks for the original developers!

Major changes:

  1. multi organizational companies
  2. support different currencies (needs mantle-usl change)
  3. various fault fixes
  4. customers have related company
  5. orders on company partyId, customer person on orderparty entity
  6. uses a Growerp API call
  7. removed store from the url added store dependent subdomain name using the productStoreId.
  8. Can change the website colors from the growerp admin app

license release commits since release

POP REST Store is a REST API for eCommerce and an in-browser eCommerce application built with Vue JS. For search engine compatibility and other reasons the catalog browsing and content pages are server rendered while the profile, checkout, and other user specific pages are client rendered in a Vue JS single-page app.

This component is does not contain an admin application, for that use the POP Commerce ERP app. There is sample configuration data in the XML data files in this component. Most configuration is associated with a (Product) Store for multi-store support with different settings from product categories to use to full support for overriding all server and client rendered templates.

To customize this ecommerce application the recommended approach is to include the component but not modify it. XML Screens in this component can be included and/or overridden in the component for your ecommerce app without duplicating or modifying files. You can also fork and modify this git repository but for significant changes that takes more effort to maintain and upgrade over time.

To add this component to Moqui the easiest approach is to use the Gradle get component task:

$ ./gradlew getComponent -Pcomponent=PopRestStore

Or add a dependency in your component.xml file like:

<depends-on name="PopRestStore"/>