Running fastlane to upload in Playstore

create these emulators:

Nexus_10_API_30 • Nexus 10 API 30 • Google • android Nexus_7_2012_API_30 • Nexus 7 (2012) API 30 • Google • android Pixel_4_Edited_1_API_30 • Pixel 4 (Edited) 1 API 30 • User • android

launch these for the first time: flutter emulators --lanch nexus_7 flutter emulators --lanch nexus_10 flutter emulators --lanch pixel

For the tablets change to horizontal view.

Install frameit_chrome: dart pub global activate frameit_chrome

create screen shots:

create title.strings and key.word.strings with screenshots make sure the first debug company is created.

In growerp/packages/admin dir:
flutter pub run utils:screenshots

Only framing: flutter pub global run frameit_chrome


  1. Move the framed images in fastlane/metadata/framed/en-US to the respective directories under: metadata/android/en-US/images: phoneScreenshots, seveninchScreenshots,teninchScreenshots

  2. increase in pubspec.yaml version+buildnr buildnr should always increase, version is shown to the user

  3. adjust the backend urls (test or production) in assets/cfg/app_settings.json

  4. create app bundle in admin home: flutter build appbundle

  5. Upload in Play store: (in android dir) (everything including build/meta/screenshots) fastlane supply
    --aab ../build/app/outputs/bundle/release/app-release.aab
    --track beta --in_app_update_priority 3

    upload just binary: fastlane upload

check file fastfile for another actions.

Other requirements:

which contains the following info: storePassword=xxxxx keyPassword=xxxxx keyAlias=xxxxx storeFile=xxxxxxx

(do NOT upload the actual file into git!) to create a link in linux in the android directory: ln -s here/your/actual/file

should have file

which contains the following info: sdk.dir=/home/dell/Android/Sdk flutter.sdk=/home/dell/snap/flutter/common/flutter flutter.buildMode=release flutter.versionName=0.0.1

make sure this file is referenced in build.gradle: def flutterRoot = localProperties.getProperty('flutter.sdk') if (flutterRoot == null) { throw new GradleException("Flutter SDK not found. Define location with flutter.sdk in the file.") }

def flutterVersionCode = localProperties.getProperty('flutter.versionCode') if (flutterVersionCode == null) { flutterVersionCode = '3' }

def flutterVersionName = localProperties.getProperty('flutter.versionName') if (flutterVersionName == null) { flutterVersionName = '1.0'

build the aab bundle:

flutter build appbundle

First time upload by hand, make sure bundle id is set correctly:

flutter create --org org/growerp/admin . init: fastlane supply init

Upload in Play store: (android dir)

(everything including build/meta/screenshots) fastlane supply
--aab /home/dell/admin/build/app/outputs/bundle/release/app-release.aab
--track beta --in_app_update_priority 3

(upload just binary) fastlane upload