To get started with any complex ERP either for an end-user or developer is not easy. The GrowERP system allows both end-users and developers to get started quickly with a professional ERP based on the latest release of Apache OFBiz. As the name suggests one can start very simple with the basic system and upgrade anytime without conversion to the full version of Apache OFBiz which is freely available for download from the Internet.

Before you request a free trial system, checkout the general demo system here, which is filled with demo data.

Request a 7 days free trial system

Features & Specs

Based on Apache OFBiz™ GrowERP is a improved screen shell and development platform around the Apache OFBiz framework and ERP system with added functionality and with the largest open source organization, Apache, who owns OFBiz, supporting you.

Only show functions you use. This is the ultimate flexible solution, you just show to your users what is required. The underlying system is still the same, so it will work with the full OFBiz version without conversion. Start with this minimum version and add functions from the full version when ever you need it.

Configurable verticals GrowERP can be configured to suit a minimal system for service companies and even freelancers or for specific verticals like, software companies like e-commerce, wholesale, manufacturing and logistic companies.

No lock-in: full open source The complete system is REALLY open source (Apache 2.0), if you have enough technical knowledge you can download and install yourself and you even can use it in commercial offerings. All parts can be downloaded from the Internet, also the additional functionality.

Software Development platform. Together with other open source system we provide a full development platgform with the GrowerpAgile component linked to Git/Gerri and Jenkins for automated testing using the GrowerpTest component which is built on top of the OFBiz test system and extended using Selenium. Further End-Users can test thair requested changes on systems specifically built for that purpose after which production can be upgraded automatically.

All in Docker images. All parts of the platform are contained in Docker images for easy installation and scaling. They are stored at and are updated monthly.