Where to get support: our partners.


News feeds which you could follow:


Free OFBiz and GrowERP support in forums and linked-in groups.

  1. Ofbiz users list.
  2. Ofbiz developers list.
  3. OFBiz svn commit list (read only).
  4. GrowERP list.
  5. LinkedIn group for functional discussions.

Commercial support.

    Commercial support is provided for either local or SAAS versions primary by AntWebsystems. com We are currently building a partner net work to be able to provide you with local support.

  1. Requirements gathering and estimation.
    It can be difficult to get started but we can help you built a detailed requirment list by receiving a broed high level overview and asking questions to obtain detail. The result will be a detailed Scum backlog requirements list in priority order completed with estimates on a backlog item level.

  2. Installation and upgrade service.
    We do provide an fixed price upgrade service after an upgrade to the trunk version of not older than one year. A requirement is that all modifications are done in the hot-deploy directory and that all ofbiz system core patches are documented.
    The initial upgrade to the trunk version is done after an audit report of the existing installation. Then a peroposal will be presented how to upgrade to the trunk and update the local customizations.

  3. Development training using Scrum.
    We provide typically a week training for OFBiz developers explaining all parts of the framework.

  4. End-User Training and Support.


    We are looking for partners supporting the GrowERP and Apache OFBiz systems.

Partner benefits

  1. Leads forwarding.
  2. Discount on customization, support and hosted services.
  3. Marketing materials.
  4. Partner directory and partner logo.
  5. Joined projects.

Partner requirements

  1. Certified: at least 2 documented implementations.
  2. Starter: we will support a first and second implementation.